Burglar Russian property apprehended

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Wednesday night police arrested a suspect in the burglary at the home of Russian embassy staff in The Hague. The man broke into the property last week.The burglar stole some personal belongings of one of the occupant. He entered through the front door without causing any damage.

The suspect is a 43-year-old repeat offender from The Hague. Soon after the burglary the police caught on to him. He had been arrested several times already for residential burglaries.

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Marshall Astor

The property is occupied by Russian Embassy staff. It is not a diplomatic establishment.

The Russian embassy was informed Thursday morning of the arrest of the suspect.

The burglary came at a time of increased tension between the Netherlands and Russia, after the arrest of the Russian diplomat Borodin, the mistreatment of a Dutch diplomat in Moscow, and the  lawsuit in Russia against Greenpeace.