No rainbow Pieten after threat

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There will be no rainbow Pieten at the Sinterklaas celebration for the low-income families in Hoogezand-Sappemeer. The organization reportedly received death threats and members were called NSB'er and SS'ers.The Foundation Minima Club Groningen Province wanted to make a statement about the color of Zwarte Piet in a fun way. Five of the twenty helpers were going to be painted in different colors, but they changed their mind, according to vice-president Lutterop.

Archibald Ballantine
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He wants to prevent the Sint celebration to be disturbed, or that children and volunteers are put at risk. Dozens of threatening emails and phone calls came in. The foundation is not pressing charges.

The Foundation Minima Club Groningen Province is shocked by the negative reactions and media attention. When they talked about Rainbow Pieten an angry email came in, pointing out the rainbow is the sign of the gay movement, according to Lutterop.

He then decided to paint five helpers in one other color. After all the fuss, however, all the Pieten will be made black on December 1st.


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