Bontes For More Democracy PVV

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PVV MP Louis Bontes wants more democracy within the PVV. He wants to stay a member of the PVV and  PVV MP and doesn’t think about leaving the party.

Last week Bontes hit the news by stopping as a board member of the group of PVV in the House. Besides Bontes, Fleur Agema, Martin Bosma and PVV leader Geert Wilders formed the board. Bontes stepped away from the board because he didn’t want to be responsible, as treasurer, for the expenses. Money which the group in the House receives for their work and which is meant for making their work possible, is used for other party activities.

Bontes, who is a MP since 2010, says that last year he was already warned by the accountant about the expenses of the PVV. After he explained the situation, it was decided that the amount would be subtracted of the grants of this year. I don’t want to be responsible for things I had no knowledge of and which afterwards I have been confronted with, for instance bills.

We have an account for all the donations we get. I would say, use that money for the party activities instead of the grants we receive for doing our job as MPs.

Plan for more democracy

Bontes announced that he will soon comes with a plan how to transform the party to a more transparent and grown up party. “As of this moment we are virtually the biggest party. Then you can’t keep the current structure where only one man decides everything. The group knows my ideas about this and this is not new to them.”

“Wilders has achieved a lot in the strict way he is leading the party now. But what if we have to come up with ministers after the next elections. Wilders can’t arrange those things by himself. I want to challenge Wilders on this. I don’t want to break away from the party. It is also my party and I also have given up my previous job.”