Investigation murder by patient

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Police are investigating whether a man who was killed and buried in a forest near a psychiatric clinic in Halsteren, was murdered by another patient. A resident of the clinic on the estate Vrederust claims he killed the man.The 27-year-old resident turned himself in to the police Thursday. He stated he killed and buried a patient of the clinic two weeks earlier. On his instructions a corpse was found in 't Wasven.

The Dutch Forensic Institute examines the body to establish the identity. The result is expected later this week.

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The man who confessed the murder has been detained on suspicion of murder. He is a long term patient of the clinic. The victim, also 27, was homeless and was a walk-in patient.

The Mental Health Care Western North Brabant is shocked about the murder. On the website, the organization expresses its sympathy with those involved.