Investigation at parent companies Slotervaart Hospital

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Two parent companies of Amsterdam's Slotervaart Hospital are subjected to an investigation into mismanagement. Also, the administration of the two companies is suspended.That was determined by the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court Friday. The case, which was reported Sunday by NRC, was filed by Aysel Erbudak, the former chairman of the hospital.

The Slotervaart has been the scene of a battle since late last year between Erbudak, who is a minority shareholder in the hospital, and the heirs of businessman John Schram.

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The heirs reportedly sold the shares of Erbudaks deceased business partner, without first offering her the majority stake of 51.  According to the former chairman that is mandatory.

The judge now doubts whether procedures were correctly executed, specifically because there seem to be a conflict of interest. The course of events since the end of December need to be further investigated.

Schram's cousin Pim Schram, the director of the two holding companies, is relieved by the Enterprise Chamber. The shares of the heirs Schram are provisionally placed with an independent party.

Erbudak was suspended as chairman in February, effective immediately . She reportedly negotiated the purchase of care with companies such as Achmea, without consulting her partners

The entrepreneur Erbudak took over the Slotervaart Hospital in 2006, together with Schram. It was the first general hospital in the Netherlands that was entirely in private hands.