Users Internet More Choosy

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People who use the Internet are getting more choosy on social networks and they also use less news sources. These are the results of a questionnaire of ING among 1515 Internet users.

The outcome of this questionnaire is not in line with what analysts say about the growing number of users for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The investigation of ING shows that an increasing of users of social networks are actually inactive. Only Facebook has been visited more last year.

Among the social networks, Facebook is still the most visited. Among the interviewed, two third visits the site at least once a week. On the other hand more people drop off. While last year 24 percent of the interviewed people said they don’t visit Facebook anymore, this year that number was 27 percent.

Of the news sites one can conclude that people visit less sites, even though they spend more time on those sites. The tendency is that people visit more and more specialized news sites, like The news sites of the newspapers are visited more by older people while younger go for the specialized news sites.