The Netherlands Unbeaten To Brazil

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After the successful match against Turkey, the Dutch team won 2 - 0, the team has been unbeaten during the qualification matches for the World Cup in Brazil next year.

Louis van Gaal could not play with Nigel de Jong, because of suspension, and Kevin Strootman and Michel Vorm, both light injuries. Nevertheless, he pulled out some other guys and showed the Turks how to play football.

The stadium was very noisy and packed with enthusiastic Turkish fans. After eight minutes the noise became less because Arjen Robben scored from a free kick.

Van Gaal about the goal,  " We train for those free kicks."

The Dutch team dominated the game and was only seriously attacked by the Turks in the last part of the first half.

Robin van Persie only played the first half due to an injury -

After the break Robin van Persie, who was lightly injured in the first half, was replaced by Dirk Kuyt. Shortly into the second half the Fenerbahce player found Wesley Sneijder, playing for Galatsaray, standing free, and Sneijder, determined as always, put the ball in the net.

The dream for Turkey was over. They had to win from the Dutch to have a chance to play in Brazil. In their group the Netherlands now lead and second is Romenia.

No group head in Brazil

Despite the successful series of matches for the qualifications, the Netherlands will not have a protected status in the first round in Brazil. The reason is that in the ranking of FIFA, the Netherlands are only number 9.

1. Spain 1.513 points
2. Germany 1.311
3. Argentina1.266
4. Colombia 1.178
5. Belgium 1.175
6. Uruguay 1.164
7. Switzerland 1.138
8. Italy 1.136
9. Netherlands 1.136

The first seven of this list plus Brazil will be the head of a group and by a raffle the other teams are added to these groups. This means that already in the first round it could be that the Dutch team will meet Spain, Germany or Argentina.

Countries already going to Brazil

As of this moment there are already twenty countries sure of participation at the World Cup in Brazil next year. These countries are, of course Brazil, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, United States, Spain, England, Russia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Chili and Ecuador.

Wesley Sneijder scored the second goal in the match against Turkey - wikimedia

Not a favorite in Brazil

Arjen Robben told the reporters after the match that his team must not be considered as one of the important candidates for the World Cup. As of this moment we are doing well and we are improving. However the improvement is a process going step by step and we still have a long way to go to become one of the favorites.

Despite not being one of the favorites for the World Cup in Brazil, national coach Louis van Gaal is very pleased with the results so far. "I give my team, on a scale from 1 to 10, a 9."