Report abuse proves to be false

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The 20-year-old woman from IJmuiden who claimed she was assaulted by six men, appears to have invented that story. The woman admitted to filing a false report.The female claimed she got into an argument with six men in a bus in Haarlem. When she got off the bus they followed her and beat her up.

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The police investigated camera footage and questioned witnesses, but none confirmed her statement. When police confronted her, she admitted to lying.

The PVV asked parliamentary questions on the issue. According to the woman she was attacked by men with North African appearance.

When giving her statement the woman reportedly said she was covered with bruises and was suffering from her hip, but the police did not witness that themselves, according to a police official.

Nevertheless the police decided to publish a press release and call for witnesses to come forth. Filing a false report is a criminal offense, so it is assumed that all reports are correct. Besides they wanted to come in contact with possible witnesses as soon as possible, according to the official.