Acorns frustrate boar hunting

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Hunters expect it will be tricky to shoot off wild boar at the Veluwe, because there are many acorns, chestnuts and beechnuts this year.Before the end of the hunting season 1300 pigs need to be shot at the Veluwe. Normally hunters gather around the feeding areas. Hungry boar are attracted by the feed and are shot.

wild boar Boris
Rob Pedley

Now that the forest is littered with acorns, chestnuts and beechnuts, the pigs have no need to come out to the feeding areas They roam the forests where there's plenty to eat and the hunter will have to chase them.

Nature Organization Het Edelhert thinks the hunters will now only manage to shoot 70 percent of the required number of animals.

If too many pigs roam the Veluwe, it presents quite a bit of nuisance for the people who live there. Wild boar can mess up a garden in a jiffy.