Delayed trial Badr Hari

Badr Hari
Badr Hari before a fight with Zabit Samedov. May 30, 2013legendashowFlickrCC-BY-NC

The trial against kick boxer Badr Hari will take a few weeks longer. First, a report of the national department of investigation about the leaking of a file to the press, needs to be completed.The kick boxer is on trial for nine offenses. The most serious charge against Hari is attempted homicide, which took place during the dance party Sensation White last year. The file and a photo leaked in this case leaked to a KRO Brandpunt Reporter. The national department is investigating the leak, because there may be a breach of official secrecy.

kick boxer badr hari

The outcome of the study may have an impact on the case, which is why the prosecution wants to wait before passing a sentence. The investigation will take several weeks.

The defense of Hari wants to postpone the discussion of the case until the investigation is completed, but the court decided otherwise.

Hari offered his apologies Friday morning, and his brother Yassine was arrested in court on suspicion of perjury.