Delft again fastest solar car

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The Nuon Solar Team from TU Delft won the World Solar Race. The Dutch car, Nuna7, passed the finish line in the Australian Adelaide a little after two Dutch time. The race was between the team from Delft and the Japanese Tokai. In recent days, both teams were constantly in close proximity, but during the last part Delft was able to get ahead of the Japanese competitor.


The final day was marked by clouds and rain. The teams could barely recharge their batteries  had to make due with the remaining energy.

The last few kilometers we drove with pinched buttocks. You never know if you'll get a flat tire, or the rain does something with the electronics. When they crossed the finish it was a huge load off their shoulders, reported Adri Aarnoudse from the Delft team.

They knew they had a good car, but are still excited to take the world cup back to Delft again, according to Aarnoudse.

Delft made the difference by taking along 'concentrators', plates with extremely efficient solar panels. During stops those extra plates came out to take maximum advantage of sunlight.

It is the fifth time that the team from Delft is victorious. The previous two times the Japanese Tokai took first place.

The World Solar Race is about 3000 kilometers and runs from Darwin to Adelaide, through the red heart of Australia. Participants camp along the side of the road.

The Dutch participants perform well. The Solar Team Twente came third. Solar Team Eindhoven finishes in two days, but is leading in its class.