Protest against reintroduction flight tax

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Employees of KLM, Transavia, Martinair, and Schiphol protested on Tuesday at Schiphol and The Hague against plans of the government to reintroduce flight tax.Several hundred people gathered at Schiphol. In the afternoon they went The Hague with busses to continue the protest.

The introduction of a tax on airline tickets is part of the current negotiations by the government with the opposition over six billion in cuts.

Mark Brouwer,
Wikimedia commons

Airlines and Schiphol fear that the number of passengers will decrease if the flight tax takes effect. That would cost thousands of jobs.

Flight tax was first introduced for environmental reasons in 2008. Flights got between 11 and 45 euros more expensive with the surcharge.

The flight tax met with great opposition from the travel industry and was abolished mid-2009.

Tour operators fear that if flying increases in price again, people will go on holiday by car more often or depart from an airport across the border.



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