Borodin danger to children

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The police took the Russian diplomat, Dmitry Borodin, to the police station this past weekend to protect his children. The man was under the influence of alcohol and his children were reportedly abused, confirmed sources to the NOS. The police in The Hague would not comment on the incident.The arrest of the diplomat caused commotion in Russia. President Poetin demanded apologies from The Netherlands, because Borodin has diplomatic immunity.

It now appears the case came to light after the wife of the diplomat was involved in a car accident in Scheveningen. She lost control of the car on Saturday evening and hit a parked car near their house. Four cars were damaged.

Valery Klepkin
Wikimedia commons

The paramedics decided the woman had to go to the hospital to check for possible neck and back injuries. The woman initially resisted. She probably had too much to drink.

The female was transferred to the police station. The officers investigating the accident concluded the license plate of the car was registered to the Russian Embassy, according to a reporter from Regio15, a local video news agency.

The officers were addressed by neighbors of the woman, who reported children were being abused in the apartment. Officers found the diplomat at home, also intoxicated. The situation appeared dangerous for the children involved, so the police decided to take the man into custody.

Borodin told the officers after his arrest he is a diplomat and has diplomatic immunity. Nevertheless, the police decided to take him in, because of the threatening situation for the children of four and almost two years old.

Netherlands will examine whether the diplomatic immunity of the Russian was indeed violated. If so, Netherlands will offer Russia apologies.