Employees Gaykrant: Krol is lying

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Three former employees of the Gaykrant revealed in Nieuwsuur that former chief Henk Krol did not speak the truth about the pension contributions at the Gaykrant.Krol has repeatedly said he was not aware of the non-payment of pension contributions, because crucial post was withheld from him . His secretary tucked away letters at the bottom of the drawer, probably with the best intentions.

Sebastiaan ter Burg
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Three former employees contradicted this in front of the cameras and stated Krol always opened all his mail himself. He was very paranoid about it.

The former secretary did not want to appear on camera. She did tell the Nieuwsuur editors she is outraged that Krol puts the blame for the pension problems on her. The other employees endorse her story.

The staff said they felt pressured into signing a statement, abandoning their pensions. Krol threatened with imminent bankruptcy, and they were afraid they would be fired if they didn't sign.

In a written reply Krol insists the mail was being withheld and the threat of bankruptcy was real.