Epke Zonderland World Champion

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Reigning Olympic champion Epke Zonderland won the gold medal at the high bar at the world championships in Antwerp.

In a very exciting final,  Zonderland beat his main competitor Fabian Hambüchen from Germany and although his exercise was not perfect he could climb the number one spot at the ceremonies.

After winning the European championship in 2011 and his amazing victory at the Olympics in London last year, it was now time to win the world championship.

That winning medals can be done while having other obligations proves Zonderland by winning this medal.  After winning the gold medal in London last year,  he devoted his time to his study. He only started training for the world championships in July.  A flu in September almost made an end to his hopes to win the gold medal.

The coach of Zonderland, Daniël Knibbeler, says that it looks so easy for Zonderland to be fit again in three months but the opposite is the case. It is really rare that an athlete can be fit in only three months. "But one must never forget that it took him twenty years of training to get here."

After his victory, Zonderland doesn't think about quitting top sports. End of October he has to go full blast on his study but after sports will be number one. "It is way too nice, I am going to enjoy this a couple of years more."