Three years against jihad traveler

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The Rotterdam court demanded three years in prison, including six months probation, in the case of a 22-year-old man who wanted to travel to Syria to join the jihad.It is the second time in a short timeframe in the Netherlands, a Muslim extremist is on trial for planning to fight against President Assad in Syria.

Abdulrazzaq Badran
Wikimedia commons

The suspect prepared a terrorist offense, according to the prosecution. Among other things, he bought ten meters ignition cord, and a kilo of aluminum powder. He also visited websites about making bombs.

The Islāmic lifestyle can not be protected without the willingness of people to lay down their lives. The most valued act is fighting on the path of Allah, wrote the man on the Internet.

The first suspect jihad traveler, a 24-year-old Iraqi from Rotterdam, may be insane.