Raids antibiotics poultry sector

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In a long-term investigation into fraud with antibiotics in the poultry production, cars, homes, commercial properties, and bank accounts were seized. According to the prosecution it concerns an amount of 650,000 euros.The raid took place at the locations of the two main suspects, a trader in poultry from Groningen and a supplier of nutritional supplements for livestock from Overijssel.

They were already arrested in 2011 on suspicion of illegal trade in antibiotics, delivery and use. The lawsuit against the two is still ongoing.

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Unregistered antibiotics are prohibited, because uncontrolled application is dangerous for people's health. Eating meat containing many antibiotics, can cause insensitivity to the drug, a so-called antibiotic resistance. Infections and other diseases are difficult to treat in people who are affected.

The raids were executed by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).