Advice: don't pay Oad hotel out of pocket

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Travel agent TUI calls on travelers abroad, who booked through Oad, not to make any cash payments for the hotels they are staying at.  TUI Netherlands provisionally assumed the obligations of the bankrupt Oad.Several affected travelers reported to the NOS that hotel management asked them to pay the full dues on departure.

The were told that Oad did not fulfill the travel arrangements and they were to provide payment for their entire stay. Otherwise  they would be unceremoniously escorted off the resort without their belongings, passports, etc., according to Femke Wijnmalen, who is in Curaçao on holiday.

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Some hotels seem to be afraid they won't get paid due to the bankruptcy of Oad. Also, they are not convinced by the guarantee of the Travel Compensation Fund (SGR), who promised all parties would be paid.

Monique Samaille, who stays in a hotel in Marmaris, Turkey, received a letter from hotel management,  stating that she has to pay for her stay. She would then be reimbursed by the insurance, according to the hotel management.

Over 80,000 people, who made traveling arrangement through Oad up to March next year, are affected by the bankruptcy. Approximately 7,000 people are currently abroad.