Dutchman chosen in German parliament

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The CDU'er Kees de Vries is the first Dutchman in the Bundestag. He campaigned with the slogan 'Kees de Vries speaks our language'.De Vries was a second time candidate and took more than forty percent of the votes in his constituency. His rival candidate of the die Linke Party got 29 percent of the vote, reported NOS on Sunday.

Four years ago, the Dutchman fell just a little short to be chosen. He lives in a farmhouse in Anhalt, a rural area near Maagdenburg.

The final result is not yet available. The CDU / CSU fraction of Chancellor Angela Merkel may get an absolute majority in the Bundestag.



It is now clear that Bernard Ensink from Coevorden will not be the new mayor of the German Schüttorf, reports RTV Drenthe.

The politician resigned in May from his position as chairman of PAC in the City of Coevorden to take part in the elections. Ensink regrets that he can not get to work across the border, he told the regional broadcasting. He was asked to run as a candidate by the major parties in Schüttorf.