Cabinet postpones decision test drilling shale gas

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The government wants to re-do the location research for test drilling for shale gas.This may cause a delay of years before any drilling can take place. This was announced by Minister Henk Kamp from Economic Affairs on Wednesday. Just last month Kamp announced that studies showed drilling for shale gas could be done safely.

Proceeding now would not be the best course of action. After listening intently to the responses from the public and from The Hague, Kamp states he was able to think things through thoroughly.

Coalition party PvdA vividly rejects the plans and there have been some local protests. Brabant and the Noordoostpolder were initially chosen as locations for test drilling. The new study will also consider other locations.

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By mapping potential locations that are found suitable on a national level, beforehand in a detailed study, the government can better guide special development, according to Kamp.

For this purpose he issued an order to draw up a so-called structural vision to examine locations in the country most suitable for any drilling.

In earlier prognosis drilling would start around mid 2014 at the earliest. The parliament and local government would be involved  each step of the way, Kamp promised in August. Location specific further testing would also be done.

Earlier this year the labor party passed a motion to not allow any shale gas drilling. The party, including party leader Diederik Samsom, then said the Labor Party would only agree if the drilling was clean and safe.