Register breast implants in the making

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Plastic surgeons will register breast implants, starting summer next year. They are working on a secure registration system.The Netherlands will be the first country that to keep track of who gets which breast implants inserted.

The initiative follows the scandal surrounding the PIP implants last year. The French manufacturer used silicone that was not approved for use in humans. The implants often tore also. Hospitals were struggling to determine which women had the implants.

The Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery want to start with a pilot study early next year and start the registration in the summer. The members are required to coöperate in the registration. Board member Hinne Rakhorst hopes the Minister will make it mandatory that all doctors take part.

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The registration can help to identify which breast implants cause problems and the women involved are also easily detected.

The data of the women are encrypted to protect their privacy. Also, women can refuse to partake in registration.

Every year  and estimated 25,000 breast implants are inserted in the Netherlands, 30 percent of which is used for breast reconstruction, usually associated with breast cancer surgery.