Additional pur-study in Herenveen

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Ten residents of the Kruidenbuurt in Heerenveen need to be examined by a pulmonologist, to determine whether their health issues are caused by polyurethane foam. That is the advise of the Frisian GGD after investigation. The GGD can not exclude that the complaints are the result of pur insulation in their homes.At the request of the housing association WoonFriesland, the GGD started the research this Summer in the Kruidenbuurt. 47 residents of 29 homes suspect their deteriorating health is the result of a large-scale program of housing insulation. The program included insulation of floors with polyurethane foam.

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The GGD concluded the symptoms of 37 residents are not caused by substances released by pur insulation. The cause in the other ten cases can not be determined conclusively, so an examination by a pulmonologist is in order.

A physical building inspection of the properties has shown that the pur hardened properly and has a good structure. There are no indications that something went wrong with the composition or the application of the foam.