Amsterdam shuts down 120 illegal hotels

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The city of Amsterdam has so far this year shut down 120 illegal hotels. These are properties where owners do not have the proper licenses or buildings that do not meet the requirements of fire safety. The town has fined 47 operators for a total of € 500,000.Amsterdam started the witch hunt on illegal hotels since the fire in a hotel on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal last year. Two tourists were killed. The hotel had a permit, but did not meet the requirements of the fire department.

Illegal hotels oftentimes allow too many people in a room, and the rooms lack adequate fire safety systems. These properties are mainly in the center of the city, but also in areas like West and South. Often, there are reports about nuisance, said a spokesman for the Centrum district.

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The hotels that were closed down were all quite different. They ranged from illegal  zero stars hotels where you want to be found dead to the most beautifully decorated apartments on the Keizersgracht. Upon inspection by special teams the establishment was closed immediately if permits were missing, stated the representative.