GHB-element seized

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The police seized to large amounts of GBL in Nijmegen and Doornenburg. High concentrations of the element is used as raw material for the party drug GHB.A total of 4500 liters of GBL found, divided over twenty barrels. Three men from Nijmegen and Bennekom, ranging from 41 to 48 years of age, are detained.

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Last year GHB was classified as a hard drug, making production punishable. The judge may rule that possessing such a large quantity of GBL is a preparatory measure for that production.

Yesterday the public prosecution and the police started an initiative against the sale of GBL over the internet. 22 companies that sell the substance received an e-mail with an urgent call to stop. It is not clear whether the discovery of today was at one of the 22 companies.