Six years sentence demanded in case Quote 500-gang

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The ten main suspects, involved in the Quote 500-gang robberies are on trial this week.  On Tuesday they faced a sentence of up to 6 years in prison.The public prosecution holds the gang responsible for a series of burglaries in capital villas, of people who are included in a list of the wealthiest Dutch in the magazine Quote. The burglaries took place between November 2010 and October 2012.

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The three L. brothers and Jan H were pivotal in the organization. Albert L., Terence L. and Jan H. heard a six year sentence against them, and Rocky L. heard a sentence of five years, according to the prosecution. Sentences for the other defendants range from six months to two years,  in parts probation.

The gang made millions loot in jewelry, brand purses, watches, cash, and other goods. The burglars looked up the addresses on the internet, using a home computer. They would spring into action when the residents were home, because that's when their alarm system would be off, states the prosecutor.

The suspects also traveled the country in various configurations to explore the different burglary sites, claim the plaintiffs.


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