Accident Launches Car Engine

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By a complex accident on the A2 Sunday afternoon, a man and a woman were injured. A car drove so quick against the center guide that the engine was launched out of the car. The flying engine hit a car with caravan. The one who caused the accident has reported to the police.

Rise to the accident was the antisocial behavior of a driver of a van. He made such crazy moves on the highway that another car had to swerve and ended up at the center guide. The occupants of the car with caravan, which were hit by the launched engine were unharmed. A third car was damaged by debris flying around. The driver of the van drove away after the accident, but later reported to the police.

The occupants of the first car were taken to a hospital with unknown injuries. The A2 Maastricht-Eindhoven, at the exit Waalre, was briefly closed for technical examination.