Rise in Illegal Downloads

Based on the study done by the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Tilburg University, downloading from illegal sources has amplified several months after a court ordered ISPs in the country to stop access to The Pirate Bay.

Photo by PadmaPhala/Wikimedia Commons

Instead of lessening the number of consumers participating in illegal downloading, the percentage rose after The Pirate Bay was blocked, according to researchers.

For the ISPs UPC, KPN, Tele 2 and T-Mobile, 18.4 percent of subscribers had used illegal sources six months after the court verdict, which was 15.7 percent before the access denial.

For ISPs Ziggo and XS4ALL, the percentage of subscribers in the earlier half year rose from 22.5 percent three months after the block to 25.2 percent 10 months after the interference.

Source: PC World