Widows abroad keep pension

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Widows abroad with a Dutch surviving relative pension may not be shorted on their benefits. The court in Amsterdam came to this conclusion and undid these measures.

The case was brought to court by eleven Moroccan and Turkish widows  whose ANW-benefits were reduced considerably because they moved abroad.

On January 1st the residence principle took effect. It states that payment will be adjusted to the cost of living. Because life in countries, including Turkey and Morocco is much cheaper, the government reduced the surviving relative benefits for those countries by 40%.

According to the judge that contradicts several international arrangements. Those state that no distinction should be made, based on the domicile of the beneficiary.

Amsterdam courthouse,
Branko Collin,
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The Ministry of Sociale Zaken (Social Affairs) and the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (Social Insurance bank) are reviewing the court's decision and do not wish to respond at this time.

Last year there was some commotion on this same issue after a report in Nieuwsuur. A Moroccon widow complained, because her benefits had been reduced from Euro 1,400 to Euro 800. The minimum wage in Morocco is Euro 250 a month.