Crowded roads, due to road closures and events

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The ANWB (Wegenwacht) expects heavy traffic on the roads towards the end of this week and during the weekend, due to road closures and planned events. The Tourist Union announced Wednesday that there will be road closures on A4, A10, A27, A65, A73 and A79.The ANP (Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau) announces that in addition to the road closures the Sail de Ruyter Zeeland  event will take place in Vlissingen, starting Thursday through Sunday. On Friday and Saturday the annual fireworks festival will be held in Scheveningen. On Saturday a new edition of Mysteryland will erupt on the Floriade grounds in the Haarlemmermeer. And on Saturday and Sunday the Alfa Romeo days are scheduled in the Zandvoort circuit.


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Simon Forsyth,