More Than One Wolf

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About a month after the discovery of a lone wolf in Luttelgeest, a calf was possibly attacked by a wolf on a different location. Wim Tegels, a wolf expert, reported this to the magazine ‘De Boerderij’ (The Farm). The dead animal showed a number of characteristics that are typical for a wolf attack.

The farmer concerned, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent Tegels pictures that shows that the calf has sustained major injuries after the fatal attack. Guts were drawn from the animal and a leg was missing.

The killing was not reported to the authorities, and therefore there will be no examination.

Early July, at Luttelgeest, in the Noordoostpolder, a killed wolf was found. In the autumn of 2011, there were reports of eyewitnesses of a wolf near Duiven, in Gelderland.

Wolf expert Tegels thinks now that there are more wolves in the Netherlands. He hopes that farmers will notify future killings immediately to the Wildlife Fund, the organization that deals with the compensation of damage caused by protected species. After notification the fund can immediately investigate and thus gather more information about the wolf who killed the animal..