Software Able to Detect Forged Digital Signatures

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On August 15, Cryptanalyst Marc Stevens from the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam launched an open source software that can identify and stop forged digital signatures.

'Flame', the Trojan bug that infected computer systems.
Photo credits: AFP/ marsmettnn tallahassee/flickr

Digital signatures are widespread in secure websites, documents, email and other software. Consequently, it is vital to recognize fake signatures and to protect against cyber attacks, including the new large malware 'Flame'. Marc Stevens created platform independent software that can effortlessly be included in the present software for processing digital signatures.

The prize-winning Stevens has been recognized internationally for breaking the https security in 2008 and the analysis of the Flame virus in 2012. His latest analysis software is one of a kind. Some companies have already been working for its application.