Improving Your Sense of Control at Work

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A latest study from the Netherlands found that feeling incapable at work may decrease one's chances of achieving professional accomplishment and personal happiness.

Photo by Shanghai killer whale/Wikimedia Commons

According to the research, the more a worker believes he does not have any duty, the more possibility he would want to stop working hard. Doubting the importance of work is especially damaging to performance. In addition, it can affect a person's frame of mind and his personal relationships.

The study’s co-author Lars Tummers, Ph.D explains that the areas of work and personal life are now connected. A seemingly pointless job would negate the positive feeling or joy experienced with family and friends.

There are two easy ways to improve your sense of power and fulfillment at work. First, seize control of the little things. This means you have to reorganize your daily activities to match your personal work habits through scheduling meetings and emails or cancelling a phone call and calling back at your preferred time. Finally, use your skills to help people by offering them your assistance. Lending a hand to those in need promotes personal and professional satisfaction.

Source:  Men’s Health News