NL Dedicates Bridge to War Hero

William Kero was one of the 48 American soldiers who died while battling with the Germans over the bridges in Holland.

After almost 70 years, Kero and other soldiers will be honored by the Netherlands.

The Netherlands will give tribute to the soldiers through a 1,825-meter long, 6,000-ton steel bridge over the Waal River. It will be known as "The Crossing" and the 48 names will be displayed at different sites along the bridge.

Bridge over Waal river, view from Valkhof, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Photo by Bj.schoenmakers/Wikimedia Commons

De Gelderlander, a local newspaper in Nijmegen, will work with the city mayor on the plan. Dutch reporters are determined to do a global story in memory of the 48 American war heroes. They will be visiting the soldiers' relatives in the U.S.

Nijmegen’s mayor launched a video with the reporters to commemorate William Kero’s sacrifice, saying the bridge will be a “lasting tribute to the brave souls.”