Week in Review: 27 July - Aug. 2, 2013

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The round-up of some of this week's most noteworthy events and news stories features a video of a mysterious orb hovering on a Dutch lake, an extortion story on home-grown marijuana, a transfer of a U.S.-based test jet to the Netherlands Ministry of Defense, a launching of a new Free West Papua Campaign office in the Netherlands, the death of a famous Dutch Jazz artist, and a local zoo’s growing concern over their baboons’ mysterious behavior.

Growing Pains: Extortion and Racketeering in the Weed Trade. Stories of drug extortions are uncommon. But for Herman, he was a victim of coercion. He took the risk of having his own backyard used as a cannabis plantation (whether he had a choice). The 44-year-old Herman insisted he was blackmailed. More than a year ago, the police finally seized tons of marijuana at his home.  Perhaps Herman was afraid of the threats he was receiving at that time or he was a willing participant in marijuana trading. One thing’s for sure: it will not be easy for him to defend his case in court. Read the Full Story

Two F-35 Test Jets Delivered to NL. On July 25, the U.S. transferred the first of two Dutch F-35 test jets to the Netherlands Ministry of Defense. The aircraft was ordered by the Netherlands in 2009. Read the Full Story

New UFO Sighting in NL. A couple of months ago, we wrote a story about a flying saucer hovering on the Muiderslot Castle in the Netherlands. On July 28, another Unidentified Flying Object was witnessed floating over a Dutch lake. What appeared to be an orb was visibly caught on video. United States Air Force at SAC affiliate Scott Waring said the orb is similar to the other orbs seen in the sky last month. Should the series of UFO sightings alarm us? Read the Full Story

Rita Reys Dies. Award-winning Dutch jazz singer Rita Reys passed away at the age of 88 on July 28 in Breukelen. The Rotterdam-born vocalist had been singing for 70 years and was recognized as "Europe's first lady of jazz” in 1960.On July 6, she received a minute-long standing ovation at her sold-out performance at the North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam. Several Dutch celebrities and presenters had expressed their thoughts on her death. Read the Full Story

Free West Papua Campaign in NL. The Free West Papua Campaign, led by exiled West Papuan Independence leader Benny Wenda, has announced that it will open an office in the Netherlands. Free West Papua’s Oditek Ap said the headquarter in The Hague will open on August 15 in honor of the 51st anniversary of the New York Agreement between the Netherlands and Indonesia, of which the control over ex-Dutch New Guinea was surrendered. Read the Full Story

Mass Hysteria Baboons Emmen.  A group of hamadryas baboons in Emmen Zoo had been acting frantic and restless for days. Researchers explained that they act similarly every time they meet an adversary in the wild. In comparison, other animals in the zoo, including elephants and kangaroos, behaved normally. This observation has alerted zoo officials and concerned citizens. Read the Full Story

Check out NL Times for the rest of the news and stories this week.