NVWa Inspects Studio VPRO

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The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWa) has brought an unexpected visit to the broadcaster VPRO in response to 'the smoke incident’ during Zomergasten. Two staff inspected the studio of Zomergasten names and even took a look at the ashtray where Hans Teeuwen put off his cigarette.

The broadcaster made ​​a video of the visit and put it on their website. "The NVWa spoke with editor Peter van Ingen and then inspected the studio. Based on the visit, a report will be created, which will be the base for the final decision,” according to the VPRO.

Comedian Hans Teeuwen smoked on Sunday a cigarette during the broadcast of Zomergasten. The NVWa said Tuesday that a fine would be imposed because the set where the program was recorded is a workplace. Since 2004 it is not allowed to smoke at the workplace.