Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

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Soon-to-be mothers in Amsterdam are participating in activities and exercises during pregnancy to help them stay fit.

The city has many activities for pregnant women. Fitness classes for yoga, Pilates, cycling, and swimming are becoming popular today.

Photo by lululemon athletica/flickr

Advantages of exercise during pregnancy include decreased risk of gestational diabetes, good posture, less fatigue, shorter and more tolerable labor, faster recovery after delivery, and fewer physical complaints. Pregnant women can exercise during the entire process; however, it is advisable for them to consult their midwife and doctor for contraindications or when they experience symptoms like bleeding, odd pain, chest pain, dizziness, abnormal shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, continual contractions, and sudden gush of fluid.

According to new studies, regular exercise can improve heart health of the baby because they also take part in the activities of the mother.


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