Citi Opens Liquidity Hub in Amsterdam

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American multinational financial services corporation Citi is growing its liquidity management network by setting up a Notional Pooling in Amsterdam.

This is to accommodate client needs of exact, end of business cash collection and optimization.

Citi Group Center building Los Angeles, California
Photo by Minnaert/Wikimedia Commons

Global centers for liquidity management are now available in six money centers in Tokyo, New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam.

Citi clients are able to make the best out of an end-of-day liquidity without damage to value or the restrictions of associate bank networks or multi-bank concentration.

Citi treasury and trade solutions liquidity management services EMEA head Amit Agarwal said that Netherlands is a preferred place for corporations of developed and up-and-coming markets with treasury centers.

"The introduction of SEPA will also have a positive impact on centralization, with likely consequent further growth in the Netherlands as a liquidity hub," Agarwal added.

Citi's variety of cash optimization capacities consist of multi-entity and multi-currency notional pooling, which allows clients to optimize internal liquidity without mixing cash between branches or performing FX transactions or change FX exposures.

Source: BBR Custody and Clearing