Eindhoven Earns Most Inventive Title

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Eindhoven’s sudden large amount of patent filings and innovations has recently earned it the reputation of “most inventive city in the world.”

Her Majesty Máxima, Queen of the Netherlands looks at a match of Soccer Middle Class with Eindhoven Tech United Turtles, during her visit to RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven (NL)
Photo by RoboCup2013/flickr

Notwithstanding the financial crisis and recession since 2009, Eindhoven has turned into a top inspiring technology hub.

The city’s 22.6 patents filed for every 10,000 residents has persuaded Forbes magazine this month to name it as the world’s most inventive city.

Based on the European Union’s statistics office Eurostat's report, a little as 3,238 patent applications were filed in the Netherlands two years ago.

HTC is at Eindhoven’s center of innovation and offers a site for large companies like Philips to team up with small start-ups.

The Netherlands is now no. 4 in the world by the 2013 Global Innovation Index report, leading the United States, Finland, Germany and Japan.

Source: The Daily Star