Expats Wanna Speak Dutch

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To start in English to a foreigner may be meant courteous, but it often leads to resentment rather than gratitude. Expats in The Hague complain that they can rarely bring their knowledge of Dutch in practice because the employers in Dutch shops and catering establishments use too quickly English words in response. 

The  Direct English language institute in The Hague, has started a button action to get attention  for the desire of many expatriates to practice their Dutch."Speak Dutch! With me! ', is written on the button that should encourage retail and hospitality staff to do the conversation with expats in Dutch.

"We are the oldest language school in The Hague and we hear already thirty years from expats that they can’t practice their Dutch. This is only possible for them within the walls of the institute," says director Ruud Hisgen of Direct English. "If people hear their accent, then  immediately they will start talking English to them. "

In The Hague live tens of thousands of expatriates. These are foreigners who settle for their work some time in the Netherlands. Their number is growing since The Hague advertises itself as an international city of peace and justice and puts itself in the market as a favorable location for international companies. In addition, almost all embassies and consulates are based in The Hague.