Dutch Arrested For Gay Propaganda

Four Dutch who were engaged in making a documentary about homosexuality in Russia, have been arrested on suspicion of gay propaganda. This was reported by the NOS. Today the four face the court. They get support from the staff of the Dutch consulate.

The prosecution demands a fine for the four. The Dutch were arrested at a festival in Murmansk, near the border with Finland. One of the arrested is Kris van der Veen, councilor for GroenLinks in Groningen.

The exact charge is not yet known, but for their documentary they had interviewed young people. In Russia this is seen as a violation of the law, which is meant to protect children from homosexuality propaganda.

At the end of June the controversial law came into effect, which prohibits the promotion of homosexuality. Under the law, anyone who propagates "non-traditional sexual relations' against minors, in word, through the media or internet can be fined up to 5150 euro. The law is intended to protect children.