Turkey to Export Tulip Bulbs

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For the first time, Turkey will export 40 tons of tulip bulbs to the Netherlands. 

A Turkey-based company in Konya City will export the tulips to the Netherlands, which is well-known for its tulip production.

Turkish Tulips in Istanbul
Kıvanç Niş/flickr

A representative for the 'Asya Lale' company Korkut Yetgin said Turkish tulip bulbs will be sent to the Netherlands this year and a testing will be done on the tulips. If the results are successful, tulip bulbs grown in Konya will be assessed by several countries, including Chinese and French markets.

Turkish tulips are special because the history of tulip originated from Turkey. Turkish tulips are also harvested a month in advance from the Dutch tulips.

“This provides us high advantages in competition and profitability," Yetgin said.

Nico Kaaijk, a Dutch tulip producer in China, stressed out that Turkish tulips are less prone to sickness and are fit to be exported since there Konya is not humid.

'Asya Lale' is the largest alliaceous plant producer in Turkey and it produces around 25-30 million alliaceous plants to several cities, particularly Istanbul.

Source: World Bulletin