10,000 Additional Hotel Rooms

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Based on the recent number of building projects in the country, an additional 10,000 rooms will be added to total hotel capacity in the Netherlands.

Hotel in Amsterdam

Roughly 75 percent of the hotel rooms would be new while the others will be renovated and reopened. However, several hotel proprietors are against the expansion, saying there are not enough guests to fill all of the rooms. Complaints of increased competition by hotel proprietors began in the Randstad cities, and the debate has popped up in other municipalities..

Simultaneously, some local governments are seeking further hotel expansion within their areas but there has been less interest by prospective hoteliers.

Meanwhile, nineteen prisons may be shuttered in the coming years. In the past, some prison cells were  renovated and converted into hotels. These can be found in Almelo, Hoorn, Roermond and Zwolle.