Online Retailer Utilizes IBM Data Analytics

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IBM announced that Zwolle-based online retailer will use IBM cloud-based merchandising analytics to deal with price reductions and enhance client satisfaction and meet their needs, and develop profitability.

IBM's Watson computer, Yorktown Heights, NY
Clockready/Wikimedia Commons will benefit from IBM’s Cloud Suites for the C-Suite of marketing and merchandising solutions through personalized shopping experience, generally better service level,s and margin and improvement in income.

Further capabilities will advance through IBM’s Price, Promotion and Product Mix solutions that will aid to make profits and progress inventory output for items that have gone through the clearance procedure.

Exiting IBM solutions such as IBM Digital Analytics, IBM LIVEmail, IBM Campaign, and IBM Customer Experience Management has helped gain 271 percent higher sales-per-send ratio for marketing emails. At the moment, can meet comparable benefits in their merchandising function through the latest IBM DemandTec Markdown Optimization.

Source: callcentreclinic