Mother Ruben and Julian Thanks for Support

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Iris van der Schuit, the mother of the killed brothers Ruben and Julian, posted a new message on her Facebook page in which she wants to answer the question of how she is doing. The message appeared on the eve of the birthday of Reuben who would have become 10 years on Tuesday.

“I miss the big and the small things”, Van der Schuit writes. “Their voices, them coming home, bringing them back and forth to sports, friends and school. Even the moments they were annoying I miss.”

Last Goodbye

She also describes her last goodbye to her sons on  May 6. “At that time their father knew this would be the last time that I would see them alive. At our last goodbye I have hugged them and told them that I love them. They both said they loved me and then I waved at them until they were out of sight.”

Iris van der Schuit realizes that the girlfriend of her ex-husband must have had the same experience.

Cause of Death

On  May 7 it was reported that Ruben and Julian were missing. After several searches, Ruben and Julian were found dead on May 19, in all probability, killed by their father. Van der Schuit writes that the investigations are still pending and that the cause of death is not yet officially known. “I really only want to hear one thing about the cause of their death and that is that they did not suffer.”

The mother of Ruben and Julian thanks family, friends, colleagues and strangers for their support. On  June 24 the ANP published an open letter written by Van der Schuit in which she also thanked everybody for their support. The letter appeared on the day that Julian would have become 8 years.