House in Recess

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The House of Representatives started the summer break with a big list of debates that have not taken place. It is about 47 debates, of which five are waiting for more than a year.

House chairman Anouchka van Miltenburg reported this on Thursday, during her last speech before the start of the recess. The list consists of twenty so called thirty members debates and  27 debates that were requested by a majority of the House

Van Miltenburg encourages the debate on the process of the House of Representatives. VVD leader Halbe Zijlstra said earlier this week that the House affects its own dominant position by the large number of motions and debates. He thinks that for the application of a debate at least fifty members should be required.

Van Miltenburg also stated that the House has last year done a lot of work There were 394 meetings in the plenary hall and 1216 meetings in  the (smaller) commission venues. Further there were held sixty round table discussions and hearings,  and ten initiative bills were submitted.