Export Old-timers Increases

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The export of vintage cars is growing rapidly. In the first half of this year 5295 cars of 25 years or older were exported. In the same period last year that number was only 2819. That's an increase of nearly 88 percent, reported VWE vehicle information and documentation on Thursday.

According to the agency, the increase is mainly due to the tightening of the exemption for old-timers to pay tax for motorized vehicles. VWE previously calculated that nearly 70 percent of the 260,000 owners of vintage cars in the Netherlands, have to pay the motorized vehicles tax from next year on because of new tax measures.

The total number of used passenger cars exported in the last 6 months actually fell by 15.9 percent to 140,875 units.

Of the vintage cars for which tax has to be paid in the near future, one out of four is a Mercedes-Benz. The export figures show that these cars are now sold in large numbers.

The export of models from the popular 190 series has increased, compared with the first half of 2012, by more than 1700 percent to nearly 500 pieces. "Now they can no longer enjoy tax benefits, many people want to get rid of their old-timer," concludes a spokesman. He expects that the vintage fleet will dwindle even further in the coming months.