What Sleep Can Do to Your Heart

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An adequate (7 or more hours) sleep at night is good for the heart, according to researchers in the Netherlands.

A study found that established recommendations on diet, exercise, and drinking or smoking are helpful prevention of heart related diseases and deaths; however, enough sleep is even more vital in avoiding such illnesses.

Purpleblue/Wikimedia Commons

The research involved a Dutch team who monitored heart disease and strokes in more than 14,000 men and women for over ten years. The result showed 600 people endured heart disease or stroke while 129 passed away.

Accordingly, the deaths were less likely to happen to those who followed all four positive lifestyle advises – exercising, consuming a healthy diet, limiting alcohol intake, and not smoking.

The findings, therefore, proved that having adequate, quality sleep while applying healthy lifestyle modifications can lessen the chances of having heart related diseases and deaths.

Source: BBC News