Dutch Court to issue verdict on Anne Frank Letters

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A Dutch court is set to decide on the legal dispute involving Anne Frank's archive. Judgment has already been deferred a few times.

Anne Frank is a famous symbol of the Holocaust for her published diary, which recounts her experiences in hiding from the Nazis.  The court must decide if the records should stay in Amsterdam or transferred to Switzerland, according to Reuters.

Anne Frank Statue in Amsterdam

Anne Frank House, the Amsterdam museum (in her memory), and Anne Frank Fonds have fought over Frank’s letters with 10,000 pictures and other documents. Anne Frank Fonds is the Basel-based foundation initiated by her father Otto.

The major concern is where to keep the archive material and whether her story should be told in the museum or included in an extensive historical context such as showing the documents at the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt.

Prior to the World War II, Anne Franks’ family moved to Amsterdam from Germany. But when Germany occupied the Netherlands, they hid in a secret annex at the back of the Prinsengracht canal house. The family and four other Jews lived in the annex for a couple of years. Otto’s trusted workers looked after them. In the end, the workers betrayed them. They were then sent to concentration camps but only Otto made it alive. When he returned to Amsterdam, he received Anne’s diary, which he later published.

Anne Frank House is one of Amsterdam's most popular tourist spots.

The ruling is scheduled on Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the court in Amsterdam said.