Boogerd Fights Allegation

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“Michael Boogerd won in 2002 in a monumental manner the Tour stage to La Plagne. It was one of the highlights in his cycling career. He, however, did not obtain the victory on his own. Before the start of the stage, the Rabobank rider underwent a blood transfusion. Blood ran from the arm of brother Rini directly to his own arm.” Boogerd fights this anecdote in a book about cycling.

In June, the book "Blood Brothers" appeared, which is written by the NRC journalists Steven Derix and Dolf de Groot. In their book, the two journalists describe the dismantling of the Rabobank cycling team. All disclosures in recent months about doping within the team are again put on a list.

"Boogerd has spoken with team doctor Geert Leinders about blood transfusions. Also the use of blood of relatives - to be exactly his brother Rini – was discussed. Before the Tour de France ‘queen stage’ to La Plagne, Rini Boogerd pays a visit to the Team Rabobank . It is doctor Leinders who places the tubes, from brother to brother. Within ten minutes there flows a pint of blood from Rini to Michael," write Derix and De Groot.

In Blood Brothers is also disclosed that the former Rabobank cycling team had a precious blood machine in 2007. This machine made it possible for the riders to avoid positive doping tests. The device was called the Sysmex XE-2100.

Former cyclist Michael Boogerd is going to fight the claim that he received blood from his brother through a transfusion. Via twitter he says, "I've been in contact with a lawyer, to take steps against this anecdote."