Taxi Control Amsterdam

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In a large taxi control in Amsterdam by municipal officials, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, only two taxi drivers were caught who had no taxi pass with them. In total, spread across 60 sites, 420 checks have been done.

Since June 1 new rules apply in the capital. Drivers must be connected to a central and they need a taxi pass of the city government. Fourteen drivers were given a warning, thirteen were fined because they did not adhere to the rules. In two cases drivers were involved who were not affiliated with any eligible taxi organisation. The municipality is satisfied with the good behavior of the majority of drivers.

The municipality checks the drivers together with the taxi industry. The municipality says that it appears that the drivers properly comply with the new rules and that unaffiliated drivers stay away. However, they announce that new tests will follow.

During one of the checks a man was arrested because he had a conflict with his driver. To make his point, he had beaten a dent in the car.